How it works


Standard credit card processing:

When a customer uses a credit or debit card to make a purchase, the merchant pays a small fee to a processing company that coordinates the transfer of funds between the merchant’s bank and the customer’s credit card company. A portion of this fee goes to the credit card company, and the remainder is paid to the processing company.

Processing with a purpose:

When a merchant chooses Telos to process their credit card payments, 50% of the fee
paid to us goes to a nonprofit organization of their choice.


Look for the Telos logo at businesses you visit. If you don’t see it at your favorite shop, TELL THEM ABOUT US! Why? Because when you swipe your credit or debit card at partnering locations, 50% of the fee they pay us to process your transaction goes to a nonprofit organization they’ve chosen to support. That means you are supporting a cause with every single purchase; it’s not limited to specific products or specific months of the year…EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE results in a charitable donation. Imagine the difference you could make by choosing to shop at Telos’ partnering locations every day!


With the same money you’re paying to your current credit card processing company, you could be providing essential financial support to a nonprofit organization of your choice. Transactional fees are a cost of doing business these days, but by choosing to process with Telos, your fees help support the causes you’re most passionate about.  Best of all, there’s no risk – no cancellation fee, no annual fee, and we’ll match all of your current processing rates! From mom & pop retail stores to global e-Commerce, Telos can serve just about any merchant and any business type.

Process with a purpose today!