What is Telos?

Telos is a different kind of credit card processing company.  In many ways, admittedly, Telos is exactly like some of the other companies you've researched.  We partner with many of the world's largest processors to deliver the most advanced payment processing solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, which gives us the ability to securely process billions of transactions every second.  That doesn't make us different or special.  Neither does offering "rock bottom prices" or "industry-leading technology" or "best customer service ever in the history of customer service."  What makes us different is that we do all of that AND give 50% of our profit to charities that have been selected by our merchants — without any additional cost to our merchants or their customers.  That's our mission, and that's what makes us different.


With the same money you’re paying for your current credit card processing, you could be providing essential financial support to a nonprofit organization of your choice…simply by switching to Telos.



Telos Payment Processing works with only the leading experts in the industry, all of whom participate in ongoing education and training for this highly specialized field. We meet the highest industry standards for payment processing, utilizing the most current technology to ensure your data is protected.



Telos provides our merchants with a wide range of processing capabilities. Some of the most common are: Standalone Terminals, POS Systems, Multi-Location Networking, Mobile Phone / Tablets, and Website Integration / e-Commerce. We’re also proud to announce our integration with Apple Pay!  Bottom line is, we can serve nearly every merchant type and situation.



If you currently accept credit cards, we will match your rates across the board. If you’re not currently processing credit/debit cards, please submit the information above via email, or give us a call at 405.310.1292 for a custom quote. We guarantee that you will not pay more for your processing with us and, if you’re not completely satisfied with our service, you are free to cancel at any time. 


My name is Wyatt Worden. After selling my share of a successful payment processing business in 2007, I accepted a position with an international nonprofit organization and, in 2010, I became the organization’s Director of Development.

During my tenure as a “professional fundraiser,” I became acutely aware of the difficulties facing nonprofits in obtaining consistent monthly support through traditional fundraising strategies…

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